GRAV 14mm Male Octobowl

You wish your smoke was smoother right? If not, bye! But for those of us in the perpetual search of smoother smoke, look no further than this cool octobowl for dry herb from GRAV, available for female jointed water pipes. Whether you have a GRAV bong or not, place this male bowl on any 14mm or 18mm pipe (available in one of either size) and taste the difference. With eight tiny slits in the bowl, you’ll have clean, even heating of your dry herb with no clumps going on. The built in glass screen gives you optimal airflow and a nice, cool smoke. This octobowl is a quick and affordable way to transform any bong from good to fantastic. Plus, it’s made of all-American glass, built to last you many, many excellent years of smoking. It’s the perfect gift for any of your smoker friends out there to give their next smoke sesh a little lift.