GRAV 5.5" Saxophone Sherlock Pipe

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Jazz up your glass collection with GRAV’s excellent sherlock. This sleek piece of glass is available in rich amber, black, blue, green, and clear glass coloring to suit your personal style. These Austin-based glass artists have paired 25mm tubing in an ash-catching curve. The Saxophone Sherlock measures 5.5 inches long for a perfectly portable hand pipe. Sturdy glass marbles create a stable base so you can proudly display the sherlock upright, sax-style. The eye-catching contours are also secured by the addition of a reinforced Dewar’s joint. Unique Maria-ring-inspired angles at the mouthpiece create a luxurious silhouette. The deep set bowl is complemented by side carb construction for total airflow control in the efficient design. Whether you’re into Coltrane or Kenny G. – or just like the sophisticated aesthetic of the GRAV sherlock – this Saxophone pipe is no one-hit wonder. It’ll keep ripping soulful clouds every time. Concerts, date nights, and end-of-week unwinds can all benefit from this GRAV companion.