Grav Labs

GRAV 6" Upline Steamroller

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So you’ve graduated to Advanced Perconomics. Welcome to the club with the industry’s highest smoking standards! Generated from the mad-science minds of Micah Evans and GRAV’s Austin-based engineers, the cutting edge Upline collection has changed the game forever. The unique smoke delivery system has become an icon with it’s spine-like silhouette that you can now find from spoon pipe to water pipe. This particular steamroller design pairs the signature function and aesthetic with an ideally sized 6-inch shape. It’s perfectly portable in a streamlined design amplified by the calculated construction. That is, a series of three forced restrictions redirect airflow for impeccably smooth inhales. On top of superior cooling power, the thick glass pipe simultaneously acts as an ash catcher! No more unwanted mouthfuls, thank you very much. Like all of Micah Evans’ premium pipes, the steamroller is fitted with his own carb and mouthpiece trademark. And for a final touch of luxury, the base features two prongs to stop it from rolling around between all the action.