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Upline Upright Bubbler Bong Standard Re-Imagined 14mm Female 09''

Grav Labs

Are you ready for this? It’s Advanced Perconomics “Re-Imagined.” From the mad-science mind of Micah Evan’s and Grav Labs’ meticulous Austin-based engineers, this is the pipe of cloudmaking dreams. Unbelievably thick 75mm glass wall tubing makes this Upline design above average before even getting down to the details. In an upright bubbler silhouette, smoke bubbles through the natural cleansing power of water in the line’s signature series of forced restrictions that redirect airflow for maximum cooling. The process begins through the diffused downstem after descending from the recessed and Dewar sealed 14mm fitting. The effect of the three forced restrictions is to split, diffuse, and send your bubbles percolating upward into a second three-tiered station of the iconic restriction stack at the flute. The piece has a solid in-hand feel that lets you know it’s got that top-notch durability while comfortably drawing from the ergonomic flute design. It totals at 9 inches of smoke-cleansing power for room-to-room portability.