GRAV 14mm 90° Upline Ash Catcher

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Height: 6 inches

38mm Glass 14mm Joint

45 degree / 90 degree

Welcome to the wild world of “AdvancedPerconomics.” From the forward-thinking minds of Micah Evans and the GRAV engineers, comes the last ash catcher you’ll ever need. Enthusiasts have long touted an “ash catcher or bust” attitude in preserving the lifespan of theirfavorite glass, but this Upline takes the meaning to a whole new level. As with all Upline designs, this sturdy glass enhancement combines the power of hydrodynamics, gravitational diffusion, and directional airflow for one seriously smooth and scientific experience. A spine-like stack of forced restrictions each represent a percolating station even after your smoke has been softened in the 8-cut disc diffuserdownstem--all before it even reaches thepercs your pipe has to offer! It totals six inches of cleansing power while stopping fallen ash from finding its way into the base of your precious glassware. You’ll find it’s much easier to refresh in the sink than trying tomaneuver an oversized bong.