Prism Halo Moonlight Rose Big Honeycomb Double Stack

The Moonlight Rose Big Honeycomb Double Stack is Prism's premier setup for function and size within the custom bong fam. This piece is beefy, but makes the hit milky smooth. The function is perfect due to two honeycomb percolators and a straight percolator fixed downstem below the honeycomb pairs that evenly distribute the smoke throughout the honeycomb percolators. On top of that we stacked a Big Tree Percolator. This makes for plenty of filtration and massive chugs. This set up comes with the Moonlight Rose White Standard Mouthpiece, a Moonlight Rose Big Tree Perc, a Moonlight Rose Big Honeycomb Base, a clear18mm bowl, and two Gold Halo connectors. With our custom bong system, it's easy to break it down for ease of cleaning, part replacement, switching it up, and throwing in a backpack for an adventure.

-Thicknesses: 5mm

- Overall Height: 21.5"

- Bowl Joint: 18mm female

Custom product specifications

  • Connection Type: Halo
  • Bong Size: Double [ $220-$325]
  • Base: Big Honeycomb Base - $94.99
  • Big Honeycomb Base Decal: Spaced Out +
  • Halo Connector 1 Color: Purple -
  • Percolator1: Big Tree Perc - $69.99
  • Big Perc Decal: Spaced Out +
  • Halo Connector 2 Color: Purple -
  • Mouthpiece: Standard - $39.99
  • Standard Mouthpiece Decal: Banksy +
  • Transparent Mouthpiece Colors: Grape Jolly Rancher +
  • Transparent Bowl: Grape Jolly Rancher +