DaVinci IQ Flavor chamber

You’ve got the app, you’re vaping on the daily, and life is good. For all of our DaVinci vape lovers out there (and there are a ton), we know how much your favorite vape means to you. Debated as one of the best of our generation, the DaVinci takes vaping to a whole new level, especially with its detailed app that tracks your vaping behavior and preferences down to the most precise measurements. We also know how much it sucks when a vape pen cartridge malfunctions. That’s why DopeBoo carries authentic flavor chambers designed specifically for the DaVinci IQ vaporizer. This is the only certified DaVinci IQ Flavor chamber replacement, and you definitely don’t want to buy cheap knockoffs for an expensive vape that could corrode the interior. Made of pure zirconia ceramic, this is high quality stuff, fabricated without any glues, plastics, or other unknown materials you do not want in you vapor as you puff up. Enjoy your favorite herbs once again with this authentic and affordable DaVinci IQ flavor chamber.