LavaTech "Classic" E-Nail Kit

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Stop burning butane and upgrade your flame source with the LavaTech E-nail kit. This comprehensive kit includes the 20mm E-nail, the heat producing metal box, and a power cord. The machine may look complicated but it’s really just “plug and play”. The titanium nail will heat up in minutes. Once its hot just apply it to your concentrates in your dab rig and voila! You have an “always on” torch. The nail comes with adjustable temperature options and will work in any size male or female joint. The high-grade titanium nail fits 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm sized male and female joints. Save time and money on butane with this innovative smoking solution.

  • Nail Dimensions: 3" Height With A 7/8" Inner Diameter
  • "Auto-Turn-On" To 710 Degree For Optimal Low-Temp Feature
  • 120V-150W Coil With A 5-Pin XLR Kevlar Plug
  • Digital Display With Adjustable Temperature Controls
  • Nail Compatible With 20mm Coils And Flat Coils
  • Nail Fits 10, 14, And 18mm Male And Female Joints