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Lightsaber Steamroller Pipe

Chameleon Glass

The Force is strong with this one -- discover the steamroller of intergalactic dreams. There’s quite a bit to get excited about, starting with how into it the crew will be when you pass it around at the next movie marathon. The lightsaber glows with innovative Slyme Glass for a cosmic touch that makes this just the piece for collectors and those who like their piece to be center of attention at a smoke sesh with friends. Nice, thick glass makes the covetable pipe sturdy enough to display or carry on the go. The artists behind many cult classic designs, Chameleon Glass marks each American-made piece for quality and authenticity with their signature logo decal. Complement your favorite new accessory with our meticulously-crafted Dank Star Grinder by DankStop -- evenly ground herbs will keep your lightsaber steamroller hitting hard and clog-free. This daring duo will have you drifting through a galaxy far, far away…

• Chameleon Glass Steamroller
• American Glass
• Chameleon Glass Steamroller
• Colored Glass
• Heavy Glass
• Radiant Color Tubing
• Star Wars Themed Glass Pipe
• Clear Glass
• Slyme Glass
• Themed Glass
• Thick Glass

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