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Manhattan Traditional Wood Grain Glass Pipe

Chameleon Glass

Keep it classy with this vintage-inspired Manhattan Wood-Grained Glass Pipe. Known for their unique designs and quality craftsmanship, Chameleon Glass delivers old school cool in a 6-inch glass pipe. It’s reminiscent of the pieces your great grandparents preferred, but oh-so much easier to keep clean with a simple soak. This head-turning work of art boasts a deep set dry herb bowl, side-carb construction, and the brand’s signature logo decal to let people know that this is the real deal. The oversized spoon is masterfully crafted with a wood-grained effect that transcends the glass medium in a way you wouldn’t believe possible if you hadn’t seen it for yourself. It’s a minimal yet powerful aesthetic that will take you back to simpler times. So lean back, take a sip on a classic cocktail, and take a puff off your new Manhattan glass pipe -- it’s sure to impress an air of sophistication.

• Chameleon Glass Spoon
• 6" Chameleon Glass Sherlock Pipe
• Deep Bowl
• Side-Carb Construction
• Thick Colored Glass
• Traditional Pipe Design
• American Glass

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