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Mini Hammer Style Bubbler Pipe with Colored Accents

Grav Labs

The Austin-based artisans at Grav Labs never fail to deliver a powerhouse hit with a contemporary edge, and this impeccable Mini Hammer-Style Bubbler is no exception to the rule. The unique design is crafted from thick, scientific glass in a silhouette often imitated but never matched in genuine quality. The colored glass neck doubles as the third tripod leg and mouthpiece, making this a particularly cool pipe to display for friends to ooh-and-aah over. The fixed X-cut downstem maximizes the soothing effects of water filtration as you can witness with each pull through the perfectly-sized hammerhead chamber marked with Grav Labs’ signature frosted glass logo. The piece interestingly places its deep-set bowl where the neck meets the downstem for one incredibly efficient design. This miniature size option makes the hammer-style bubbler an ideal personal pipe, a 3-inch style not often enhanced with water filtration -- but it wouldn’t be Grav Labs if they didn’t finish every piece of glass with an extra touch of luxury.

Height: 3 inches

• Grav Labs Bubbler
• Available In Your Choice Of Color
• Branded Glass
• Clear Glass
• Colored Glass
• Frosted Glass
• Grav Labs Mini Bubbler
• Hammer Style Design
• Scientific Glass
• X-Cut Diffused Downstem
• Deep Bowl
• Fixed Downstem
• Thick Glass