Monkey O's

Monkey O's Monkey O Kit

Quick! You just got invited to the coolest 4/20 party ever and you’ll of course be showing off your smoke tricks, right? If you haven’t yet mastered the perfect smoke ring yet, the Monkey O will be your new best friend. After inhaling from your vape or pipe, blow through the Monkey O and watch a perfect smoke ring appear right before your eyes. Named for the monkey face the pipe resembles, the Monkey O will also make fun bubbles with the included monkey juice. This is a fantastic toy to have at parties and also at home: using this will teach you the proper form for blowing the best smoke rings possible. Available in a variety of colors in glass and plastic, these Monkey O’s make for fantastic gifts for your friends (or yourself). The Monkey O and juice also come with an instruction manual for more detail on how to do tricks with it.