Monkey Pipe

Monkey Pipe Orignal Monkey Pipe

Quit monkeying around with subpar pipes! This perfectly portable chillum is easy on the eyes with a grained hardwood exterior accented by the enhanced function of an anodized aluminum interior. The first feature you’ll fall in love with is the swivel lid. No need to buy secondary accessories to keep packed loads in place -- the Original Monkey Pipe has it built right in! Give it a pull, give it a swivel, and toss it right back in your pocket. While many stealth pipes of this size have a tendency to overheat, these Portland-based pipemakers have included not one but two air vents to instantly cool the smoke as you inhale. In addition, the inset mouthpiece is plated with nickel to keep it cool and comfortable against your lips. Because the Monkey Pipe makers place such an emphasis on quality, the type of wood varies from piece to piece as they utilize the highest grade wood available at the time (from Red Oak to Tigerwood). As stealth as it is, you’ll find yourself wanting to flash the signature embossed eye for all your friends to ooh-and-aah over!

• Monkey Pipe Chillum
• 2 Ventilation Holes: Cools Smoke
• American Made
• Branded W/ Logo
• Hardwood & Aluminum Composition
• Hardwood Varies In Light/Dark Color
• Original Monkey Pipe
• Pocket Sized: 1.75" X 0.75"
• Portable Hand Pipe
• Recessed Mouthpiece
• Wooden Swivel Lid

Features of this Dry Pipe

Hand Pipe
This hand pipe rests casually in your palm (or paw), and works directly with dry herb or concentrates without the addition of water.
I chill with a chillum on my afternoon walks with the human. This is an ultra-portable hand pipe for lighter loads in a quick, on-the-go toke sesh. Some brands refer to their chillums as "tasters."
Dry Herb
This piece works with dry herbs! Dry herbs are the pure plant form, best when paired with a quality grinder for evenly cut material.
This piece includes a carb -- the small hole that channels fresh outside air into your pipe for a cooling, soothing effect. Place your thumb on the carb to allow your pipe to fill with smoke before letting go for a refreshing clearing action.
Low Profile
This discreet style won't clash with your glass's artistry or scientific edge. Also known as "Lo Pro," this minimalist style elevates function without drawing too much attention.
Mini and nano pipes increase the efficiency of the design with an ultra-portable and maneuverable size that makes for a loyal companion.