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Monkey Pipe Oregon Trail Pipe

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From the creators of the coveted Original Monkey Pipe comes an enviable Oregon Trail Pipe. Whether your wagon is on the go or you’re dying of dysentery off-trail, this innovative piece was designed for ultimate portability; simply swivel the lid over your packed load and toss it in your travel sack -- the oxen won’t mind. The American pipemakers craft each genuine hardwood pipe from the highest quality material available, meaning each piece comes from an exclusive batch made of wood ranging from Tigerwood to Maple with a number of varieties in between. The brand marks their quality craftsmanship for authenticity with a signature eye logo etched into the swivel lid. The designers have even included a uniquely visible smoke trail lined with not-so-turn-of-the-century polycarbonate that can be removed for easy cleaning. Though the stealth pipe totals only 3 inches in length, the nickel-plated brass bowl packs a hefty load of ground dry herb! All at price that’ll let you save your extra cash for broken wagon wheels and fresh local herbs. Happy trails!

• Monkey Pipe Chillum
• Choice Of Wood Type
• Engraving Of Monkey Pipe Logo
• Portable Size For Traveling
• Removable Cover For Easy Cleaning
• Swivel Lid For Dry Herb Bowl
• The Oregon Trail By Monkey Pipe
• Visible Airway: Winding Design
• Winding Plastic Cover
• Wooden Hand Pipe