My Bud Vase

My Bud Vase My Bud Vase "Monica" Water Pipe

Monica Geller approved! My Bud Vase has been quickly gaining traction as a celebrity favorite. The brainchild of designer and artist Doreen Sullivan, My Bud Vase is the most beautiful piece of glassware you'll ever own. Standing a respectable 6 inches high and measuring a full 3 inches wide, Monica is one bong you'll be proud to leave out. Inspired by the television show, Friends, this rhinestone detailed, white porcelain vase doubles as a fully functioning water bong. Used as decorative home decor, My Bud Vase includes a delicate bunch of Pink Hydrangeas, guaranteed never to die. A gorgeously designed faux flower poker is included, and Monica has a standard 9mm pull slide for a more pleasurable, controlled hit. Add your favorite ground, dry herb to Monica's big fat bowl, and you'll be a fan in no time. Cleaning My Bud Vase is easy, just mix equal parts salt and rubbing alcohol. Monica is handcrafted in the USA and made of only the highest quality materials.

Features of this Water Pipe

Water Pipe
This piece is powered by hydrodynamics that smooth and cool every inhale.
Round Base Pipe
Easy on the eye and ergonomically sound. Don't strain your paws -- this silhouette rests easy in hand.
Dry Herb
This piece works with dry herbs! Dry herbs are the pure plant form, best when paired with a quality grinder for evenly cut material.
10mm Joint
This piece features a standard 10mm joint, suitable for all 10mm accessories. Use this measurement to match pipes with the best slides, nails, domes, ash catchers, and pre-coolers.
Fixed Downstem
Don't worry, they didn't give this pipe the ol' snip-snip. Fixed downstems extend from the joint of your water pipe into the water as a small tube to maximize diffusion.
45° Joint
This piece features a 45° joint. Choose ash catchers, pre-coolers, and other accessories made at the same angle as your water pipe.
Female Joint
This piece features a female joint. Pair it with a male accessory of the the same diameter for a soulmate match. Use an adapter to attach a female accessory to this piece.
Flared Mouthpiece
A comfy fit for any size snout. Flared mouthpieces are slightly wider at the very top of the neck for casual, comfortable pulls from your pipe. This design allows your lips to rest easily on the dab rig or bong instead of having to pucker up.
Mini and nano pipes increase the efficiency of the design with an ultra-portable and maneuverable size that makes for a loyal companion.
Rubber Grommet
A resilient rubber grommet bounces back with ease as it secures the joint on this water pipe.