Nucleus 14" Silicone Straight Tube Bong

This bestseller is ready for any adventure you can throw its way. Spend the day in the sun and protect your pipe collection from butterfinger friends. This silicone water pipe is here to make it happen! The silicone pipe stands 14 inches tall in a streamline silhouette. Over a foot tall, the straight tube shape creates an efficient and direct airflow. Resilient silicone construction makes the water pipe more portable than ever before. Afternoons in the park, beachside vacations, and date night are all about the silicone bong. Silicone bounces right back into shape in strikingly vibrant colors glass just can’t deliver. It’s the perfect accessory to make a playful impression at an autumn bonfire or backyard barbeque. Never be held back from the freshness of water filtration again! This excellent silicone sidekick is ready to take on the great outdoors with easy cleaning after a grand adventure. Where will you take this silicone companion?