Nucleus "Basics" 8" Clear Glass Beaker Bong

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While fancy percs and towering tiers are cool to have in the collection, we find it always comes back to the basics. This low maintenance 8” beaker bong is the daily driver you find yourself reaching for again and again. Nucleus crafts each piece with exceptional high quality glass with meticulous glass-on-glass seams. Thick glass construction makes this personal sized pipe a lifelong companion. It features a 3 inch 18mm-to-14mm diffused downstem with a matching 14mm male bowl slide. An ice catcher polishes off each diffused inhale with a cooling finish on the efficient silhouette. The Nucleus “Basics” 8” Beaker Bong is the go-to essential every enthusiast can appreciate. Crisp and clear lustrous glass gives the piece a clean scientific aesthetic in the beaker shape. The beaker base measures 3 inches in diameter to stabilize the 8 inch height. A flared mouthpiece creates a comfortable feel as you give the pipe a rip with your favorite ground material.