"Basics" 8" Full Color Beaker Bong

Spark some personality into your daily driver with the Full Color Nucleus Bong. This carry-everywhere piece of glass is available in five rich colors from cloud white to glowing amber glass. You may just be looking at your new favorite daily driver. The portable water pipe features a stable 3” beaker base elevates the 8” silhouette with maximized water filtration. An ice catcher cools the efficient stream for aah-worthy inhales. Thick glass construction complements the 45-degree female joint, which is fitted with a 3” 18mm-to-14mm diffused downstem. The removable downstem makes for easy cleaning with a quick rinse under the sink, rather than a hard to reach rubdown. The 14mm male bowl slide features a generously portioned funnel for your favorite dry herbs. This five-star essential has a funny way of quickly becoming one’s new go-to. Nucleus’s signature logo adds a final touch of style to the thick glass piece.