Nucleus Clear Glass Buoy Base Water Pipe

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American glass quality powers this class act with peak performance. Standing 8 inches tall, the Nucleus Glass Buoy Base Water Pipe features a 14mm, 45 degree female joint. A removable diffused downstem measures 4.5 inches long and 18mm to 14mm in diameter. 6-slit diffusion creates the perfect entry into the sleek silhouette. Each inhale is cleansed by bubble power for smooth, crisp rips on every occasion. This clear glass beaker bong stands apart from the rest with the eye-catching contours of a buoy base. Pull from the thick flared mouthpiece complementing the thick scientific glass pipe. A sleek straight tube neck accents the buoy base in a modern aesthetic. The minimalist water pipe is unburdened by the percs and colors that fade and clog over time. This essential is a long-lasting daily driver. A donut ice catcher elevates the experience with an exhilarating finish for oh-so satisfying rips. Nucleus’s bestselling five-star water pipe is true pleasure to puff.