Nucleus Barrel Perc Ashcatcher

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Protect your pipe with the Nucleus Glass Barrel Perc Ashcatcher. This magnificent 4.5 inch accessory hooks into any 45-degree joint. The female joint is available in both 14mm and 18mm diameters. Place it right between your slide and pipe to intervene on build up with some preliminary cleansing. Before all that goodness can leave a trail through your precious water pipe, the Nucleus Ashcatcher uses the barrel perc in a powerful display of hydrodynamics. Use the ash catcher to make an impressive pipe even more jaw-dropping, or opt for a higher-quality pipe in a simple design that refreshes to good as new. The percolated ashcatcher is easy to maneuver under hot water - and a light toothbrush scrub brings it back to good as new. Smooth, strong rips guaranteed. Savor a little dry herb delight paired with a bong and bowl slide. Power up to concentrates with a rig and nail!