Nucleus Clear Glass Bubble Beaker with Angled Neck

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Nucleus Glass presents a thick scientific glass sidekick to spark some personality in your pipe collection. The 8 inch tall water pipe features a 14mm, 45-degree female joint fitted with a 14mm male bowl slide. A beaker bong silhouette is reinvented with a unique angled neck. Sprinkle with your favorite dry herb, or upgrade to dual functions with the concentrate nail options above. Pull from a thick flared mouthpiece as goodness swirls through an efficient angled neck – this design extends the airway for extra cooling while keeping it compact. A soothing 6-slit diffused downstem eases every inhale with a splash of water filtration, too. The Nucleus Glass Bubble Beaker with Angled Neck exudes a modern vibe even between puffs. The pipe looks sharp on bookshelves, end tables, and nightstands. Sturdy scientific construction and a wide beaker base can even brave patio tables for a solid grill sesh or backyard frisbee toss.