Nucleus Replacement Downstem

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Need a new downstem for your bong? Did your old glass downstem break? We know the pain and frustration, but it happens. Trust us--it’s more common than you can imagine. Usually, it stems from having sub-par glass--something that won’t be a problem anymore with this Nucleus replacement downstem. Nucleus has been leading the game for years now and is one of the top manufacturers for high quality glass. With this pure, borosilicate downstem, you’ll be using this thing for years without worrying about any breakage, whether from dropping the downstem while cleaning or the downstem exploding from heat. What’s more is that in addition to great quality, this downstem adds some extra power with added diffusion: note the slits opposite the bowl side of the downstem. These little holes will help any pipe produce much better smoke. If you’re looking for a quality downstem replacement, Nucleus is your best bet.