Nucleus Silicone Dab Mat

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Silicone and concentrates make one dynamic duo! Gentle yet resilient, super-smooth silicone doesn’t make a fuss with sticky material. Legal waxy extracts slide right off the Nucleus Dab Mat that also keeps your countertops clean. Sturdy silicone is designed to withstand high temps, especially when crafted from high grade silicone like this Nucleus rendition. You won’t find yourself struggling to peel a dab tool off the table any longer -- the silicone experience is oh-so smooth from start to finish. The vibrant colored dab mat is available in two sizes to perfectly suit your regimen: a Small round mat measuring 5” in diameter, and a Large rectangular mat measuring 8.5” x 12” (about the size of a piece of computer paper). Pair your dab mat with a Nucleus Silicone Jar to treat your precious material as well as it treats you. Silicone accessories have taken the concentrate experience to peak performance!