Nucleus Glass Stacked Inverted Showerhead Perc Bong

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Turn that frown upside down as sweet bubbly stacks climb through three inverted showerhead percs. With 16.5 inches of space to filter and smooth, the epic inhales this pipe delivers will make you a legend. Thick borosilicate is their niche, for durable yet intricate pieces like this triple showerhead invert. Toxins will bubble away as your pull cools for easy and effective cloudmaking stabilized with a wide 4 inch base. A deep 18mm funnel bowl flawlessly fits atop the reinforced 90-degree joint in two-prong Dewar style. Pulls are protected as the neck narrows before widening out for comfortable lip placement. Jersey-based Nucleus Glass prioritizes clean design, accessible prices, and customer-oriented techniques. These glass masters are all about pleasing the people. Precision packs a puff in Nucleus’s scientific water pipes. You’ll be stacking bubbles on-demand with friends and significant others. Preserve the quality for years to come with the boost of an 18mm ash catcher.