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Panda Bear Glass Pipe

Chameleon Glass

Chameleon Glass does it again! With the intricacy of true artists, these American glassmasters pair all kinds of interests with herbal enthusiasm. This perfect panda pipe has a fully-dimensional face that takes genuine sculptural skill. To protect the authenticity of each Chameleon Glass pipe, the brand marks their renowned quality with a removable sticker logo. The thick, heavy glass makes this piece portable enough for purse or pocket. You’ll find it level up your pleasure whether you’re in for the night or starting your day passing to friends! Another fabulous feature of the domestic glass pipe is its dishwasher compatibility--not only does Chameleon stand by the glass medium for its renewability, but also for its simple sanitation as the durable glass design is sturdy enough for a round through the dishwasher. Most impressive, however, is the quirky Panda face that’ll add a bit of personality to every smoke sesh and pipe collection.

• Chameleon Glass Spoon
• Deep Bowl
• Glass Smoking Pipe
• Made In USA
• Panda Themed Hand Pipe
• Thick, Heavy Glass
• American Glass
• Themed Glass

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