Ronin Glass

Ronin Glass "Bun'ei" Double Disk Perc Bong

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This is one serious piece of glass! Ronin Glass, makers of super-premium, sleek looking water pipes and bongs brings decades of experience together to bring you the Bun'ei Double DIsk Perc Bong. This heavy-duty percolator gets its name from the first Mongol Invasion in the year 1274. That was a long time ago, but there's nothing outdated about this warrior. Standing a full 8 inches tall with a hearty base measuring 3.5 inches this is no wimpy bong. The "Bun'ei" Double Disc Perc Bong from Ronin Glass was one of the first bongs released to the public, and it remains just as sought after not as it was then. The signature Ronin Glass black accents and black frosted glass joint make this piece a real stunner. A 90 degree Dewars joint makes this one of the best hitting Perc Bongs on the market. A 14mm male joint pairs perfectly with a 14mm female bowl and a double disc perc located in the transparent glass chamber combined with a bent neck and flared mouthpiece assures every last bit of your dry material makes it to you.