Ronin Glass

Ronin Glass Modular Three Piece UFO Perc Bong

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This treat-yourself blend of glass quality and advanced percolation has been dubbed the “Daito.” Each Ronin Glass piece is inspired by the precision and control of a samurai’s weapon. Daito surely raises the bar with Build Your Own Bong to wield an acutely you water pipe. This three-piece combination includes a separable base, perc insert, and bent neck mouthpiece. Each element is secured in place with sturdy keck clips. The many advantages of a stacked water pipe include easy cleaning in otherwise hard-to-reach crevices; and interchangeable modules that can be customized to suit the mood – shorten it for personal seshes, stack it high with the crew, and experiment with different shapes or percolators. Thick glass is enhanced with UFO percs within the two lower modules. A wide flared base adds stability to the impressive 17.5-inch stature. The two-prong Dewar’s joint is an 18mm, 90-degree female that come’s fitted with a male funnel bowl.