Ronin Glass

Ronin Glass "Jitte" Sidecar Dab Rig with UFO Perc

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Get jiggy with the “Jitte”: an advanced dab rig dubbed for precision and power inspired by the nightstick used by Samurais’ police adversaries. Excellent side-arm construction creates a unique silhouette, sending the side-set bent neck outward along with the 90 degree joint. The 14mm male joint is topped with a classic dome and nail for transforming your favorite concentrates. Opt for sophisticated black or vibrant red accents to suit the mood you like to set with a daily driver – because this water pipe is sure to be your new go-to. The five-star dab rig is fitted with an unstoppable UFO perc powered by each inhale from the flared mouthpiece. New Jersey’s Ronin Glass channels Samurai weaponry throughout their entire collection of solid glass pipes. Standing 9 inches tall, this easily maneuverable rig is stabilized by a 3.5 inch wide base. Carry the “Jitte” Sidecar Dab Rig from room to room and adventure to adventure.