Santa Cruz Shredder

Santa Cruz Small 2 Piece Grinder - SMALL

For all of our herb fans out there who are constantly on the go, you need to have this thing in your pocket or purse at all times. Its tiny size, at only 0.75 inches tall, is perfect to take with you anytime, anywhere. It's a definite must if you are on the move a lot and need something portable.

This line of products is made with quality aluminum right here in the U.S., by Santa Cruz, a company that prides itself on caliber materials for only the best products. Its aluminum construction means that you’re not getting any toxic metals or other chemicals mixed in with your herb. Even better, its made of a scratch resistant anodized metal, meaning no matter how much wear and tear (and grinding) it takes, it won’t get any scratches on it. The dented square teeth in this grinder won’t wear out and will give you a consistent finished product every time you use it.