Santa Cruz Shredder

Santa Cruz Small 4 Piece Herb Grinder

The Santa Cruz Shredder has arrived! This clean-cutting grinder is here to maximize your supply and extend the life of your favorite pipes. Available in eleven impressive colors, it’s easy to find the accessory that suits your style. The high quality aluminum grinder boasts an anodized finish and next-level CNC machined thread spin. This design makes for crisp cut dry herb with square shaped teeth. The Shredder measures 1.5 inches in diameter for total portability -- just pop it right into your bag or jacket pocket right along with your go-to vape or pipe. The device is prepared to grind your material, store ready dry herb for later sessions, and collect pollen so not even the finest flower goes to waste. Each Santa Cruz accessory is designed and made in the USA for complete quality. The scratch resistant anodized finish will keep your new go-to looking top notch no matter how grand the adventure!