Santa Cruz Shredder

Santa Cruz Small 3 Piece Herb Grinder

Extend your dry herb supply and keep your favorite pipes puffing longer. CNC machined threads give this medium sized grinder a swift spin as its square teeth transforms your favorite material. Carry this device on any epic journey with a sturdy, scratch resistant anodized finish that won’t miss a beat. The high grade CNC aluminum is ready to get to do the rough stuff for you! Available in eleven awesome colors for a “so you” style, this is one 100% made in America grinder. You’ll instantly appreciate smooth spin as dry herbs are crisply cut into fine material in the 2-inch device. Prepare for later with a large load, and store ready-to-go material in the safety of the aluminum grinder. The Medium Santa Cruz Shredder includes a magnetic lid at the cutting chamber and a deep storage area for ground dry herb. This California-crafted essential will be your new go-to!