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Sesh Supply Atlas Faberge Egg Recycler Bong

Sesh Supply

Titan god, Atlas, of Greek mythology-- he stood at the ends of the earth carrying the sky upon his shoulders for all of eternity. Like Atlas, this piece prides itself on a reputation for endless endurance. With the aesthetic intricacies of an ancient artifact, the Smoke Sesh water pipe delivers clouds with the refreshing force of modern American engineering. You can witness the natural cleansing of your inhale as toxins are swirled away beneath the sturdy borosilicate glass in an epic flow between an entire faberge egg perc and its powerful propeller partner. Accent your dynamic design with a choice between a variety of glassy hues for a scientific-looking silhouette with the soul of a long-standing Titan. This endless supply of clean, refreshing draws comes courtesy of the Georgia-based creators at Smoke Sesh. This pipe is a genuine masterpiece you’ll be proud to display next to your old college copy of Homeric Hymns. Not to mention, it’ll get some pretty out divine conversations percolating at your next friendly sesh.

Made in USA Propeller percolator Faberge egg design Recycling feature 14.5mm female joint Fixed downstem Herb bowl Height: 10.5 inches Curved neck


Height: 10.5"

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