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Slyme Phantom Sherlock Pipe

Chameleon Glass

Get ghastly with this one-of-a-kind design! The American artists and engineers at Chameleon Glass have created another unique pipe from the medium they’re mad about--quality glass. A phantom-shaped face is emphasized by the natural glow of Slyme Glass innovation, while a simply ghoulish amount of ground material can find its way in the deep-set spoon bowl. As if the intricate spoon isn’t itself a work of art, the pipemasters have added the sleek curved neck of a Sherlock silhouette. Personalize your pipe with a choice between green Slyme accents or a perilous purple. Use it to ease into sleep with a Beetlejuice rerun, or set the tone for a scary story around your next bonfire. Chameleon Glass marks each of their pipes for authenticity--as they’re often imitated but never matched in passion or quality--using a removeable sticker decal in the shape of their logo. It’s so good you’ll Scream for a sequel!

• Chameleon Glass Sherlock
• American Glass
• Available In Green Or Purple
• Beautiful Phantom Face
• Chameleon Glass Sherlock Pipe
• Deep Bowl
• Glass Hand Pipe
• Slyme Glass
• Bent Neck
• Colored Glass
• Deep Bowl
• Slyme Glass
• Thick Glass

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