Boo Glass

Boo Glass Standing Colored Glass Sherlock Pipe

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This sharp-looking Sherlock masters a timeless silhouette with the modern kick of rich red hues. Load the deep-set spoon with your favorite ground dry herb and give it a light to witness the smoke swirl through the sleek contoured neck. From the ever-reliable pipemasters at DankStop, this American-made piece has been carefully crafted from thick, durable glass for a pipe you’ll keep in your collection for years to come. While some Sherlocks use a simple flattened base, this particular piece adds to its already cool aesthetic with a three-feet base for sturdy self-standing display that won’t topple over between sparks. DankStop designers --like the true enthusiasts they are -- have taken care to craft this Sherlock with a deep-set bowl for a solid sized load of tobacco and legal dry herb that won’t have you repacking again and again. So go ahead and send Watson on home--you’ve solved the mystery of the perfect Sherlock!

• DankStop Sherlock
• Available In Your Choice Of Colored Glass
• Bent Neck
• Deep Bowl
• Glass Nubs To Stand Upright
• Glass Pipe
• Rounded Mouthpiece
• Sherlock Style Design
• Thick Glass
• Bent Neck
• Clear Glass
• Colored Glass
• Thick Glass