The Kind Pen

The Kind Pen Discreet Vaporizer

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Wish you could take your oils and e-liquids everywhere? Fear no more with the Discreet vape from Kind Pen. Heating up in only 10 seconds after 5 clicks of the main button, this vape features three different temperature settings (2.8v, 3.3v, 3.7v) with a variable temp 650mAh battery to give you more control over your vapor. An all-glass tank on this vape ensures that your vapor avoids unforeseen effects that can occur on cheaper vapes that use dyes, plastics or glues in the vape’s construction; you’ll be getting nothing but pure vapor from your oil with the Discreet vape. This vape can last all day on one charge, but just in case things get a little crazy, this kit includes a universal USB adapter so you can charge anywhere. Available in green, black, gray, blue, silver and gold, this Discreet vaporizer also comes with a fantastic lifetime warranty from Kind Pen.