The Kind Pen

The Kind Pen "Dream" Vaporizer Pen Kit

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Make you dreams come true with this Best Vaporizer of 2016 High Times winner. The Dream vape pen from Kind Pen is a gift from the future: three separate temperature settings at 350, 390 and 430 let you pick the perfect strength for your vapor. You can further customize your vapor with an adjustable airflow feature: simply twist the textured band to open or close three holes depending on how much air you’d like to add. A pure ceramic heating chamber and elevated airflow system ensure that there’s no clogging in this vape. Free from plastics, dyes or glues, this quality vape also has an automatic shut off after 20 seconds of inactivity, saving you on battery time. In addition to the Dream vape pen, this kit comes complete with a USB charging port, an extra mouthpiece, and extra O rings for the mouthpiece, a packing tool, and a lifetime warranty from Kind Pen.

Features of this Vaporizer

Vape Pen
The most portable of all vapes, in pen form! Transform dry herb or concentrate into pure, clean vapor on the go. Like all vaporizers, the combustion-free heating process gently and precisely heats your material for clean, smooth puffs.
Concentrate Vape
This vape works with concentrates! This is where vaporizer technology really shines, with faster heat up time and greater control of your puffs.
Analog Vaporizer
Big bulldog paws prefer analog. This analog vape features paws-on controls such as buttons or dials rather than a digital display.
Direct Draw Vaporizer
This is a direct draw vaporizer. Most common on portable vaporizers, this means the mouthpiece is attached directly to the device itself for a vapor channel that goes straight from the heating chamber to your lips.
Bulldogs are tough, Atomizers are tougher. This piece is the heating element in your vaporizer that transforms concentrates into vapor. Atomizers do the majority of the work in a vape, making them the piece that gets replaced most often. Atomizers can be made with titanium, quartz, or ceramic, and come in a variety of styles such as a dish atomizer, coil atomizer, dual coil atomizer, or other innovative designs.
I put my Boo Paw of Approval on this piece. It's backed by a manufacturer's warranty for a risk-free experience.