The Terpometer

The Terpometer

• LCD Display
• Precise Temperature Read Out
• Built-In Dab Tool
• Quality Components

About the Terpometer
Unique and a first of its kind, the Terpometer lets you enjoy dabbing with a banger or nail like you would with a dab rig or with an e-rig. The Terpometer provides you with a precise readout of the actual running temperature of your nails so you can easily know when and when not to dab your wax concentrates onto your banger.

We all know that temperature plays a huge role in the actual vaporization process and that it plays a significant part not only in determining the quality of your vapors but it also gives your materials character and allows you to wield your extracts to your desired results. Essentially, lower temperature levels ensure flavorful dabs, preserving the overall quality and flavor profiles of your wax concentrates while dabbing in higher temperatures provides you with more potent rips. The science behind vaporization plays a vital part in how most vaporizers work, and by knowing the actual and precise temperature you’re running your rig, you’re basically maximizing your overall experience with your setup. The Terpometer helps you identify the actual temperature level of your banger or your nail so you can tell the right time to dab or even decide the best time you want to load your extracts.

The Terpometer works by using a ceramic-tipped temperature sensor to provide a precise digital reading of the running temperature level of the heating element. With its intuitive display, the Terpometer will give and suggest the perfect time for you to place your dabs using a color-coded screen. The suggested temperature is based on a set of data that was placed on the circuits of the Terpometer by the engineers and the developers that worked on the Terpometer.