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Twisty Glass Pipe


Once you’ve gotten twisty with this do-it-all device you’ll laugh at your friends still tied down to hand rolling! Highly touted as the paperless future of portable dry herb smoking, it’s equally acclaimed for its water pipe compatibility. Our favorite feature is that it can be loaded with up to two full grams of dry material that eliminates the ever-obnoxious need to stop and reload whether you’re on the go or mixing it with the power of percolation. After a nice draw, simply spin the gold spiral screw to dump the ash at the top to reveal a fresh new layer ready and waiting. Smoke is cooled with the brand’s signature “Cool Pull” technology as it travels through the thick and durable German Schott glass tube and through the five-chambered mouthpiece. When you’re ready to to put it to use with your water pipe, simply use the silicone attachment to pop the mouthpiece where your standard slide would go and continue to light, ash, and twist! The kit also includes two silicone caps to keep your loads in tact in purse or pocket, a microfiber bag, and cleaning utensil.

• 7pipe Glass
• Carrying Case Included
• Carrying Pouch Included
• German Schott Glass
• Portable Glass Grinder
• Rubber Caps Included
• Silicon Rings Included
• Titanium Nitride Screw
• Clear Glass
• Colored Glass
• Deep Bowl
• Thick Glass

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