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Wizard Hand Pipe

Chameleon Glass

This magical glass hand pipe is a Chameleon Glass cult classic in the world of Clash of Clans fans. World-renowned for quirky collections herbal enthusiasts from all walks of life can enjoy, Chameleon Glass pairs one-of-a-kind designs with genuine quality that comes from a true passion for the artistry behind their renewable glass medium. The powerful clouds that come from this Wizard hand pipe will have you crying, “sorcery!” Each solid glass pipe is meticulously sculpted with intricate facial features and a deep-loading spoon bowl for your favorite ground legal material. Chameleon Glass marks each piece for authenticity with a removable logo decal sticker--keep it on to boast its genuine craftsmanship for friends, or get rid of it cause you know the pipe’s legit and that’s all that matters. Pair your piece with one of our aluminum herb grinders to maximize the long-lasting collectors’ quality with the smooth, even draw of clean cut material.

• Chameleon Glass Spoon
• American Glass
• Black Tubing
• Chameleon Glass Themed Pipe
• Clash Of Clans Themed Pipe
• Colored Glass
• Deep Bowl
• Glass Hand Pipe
• Thick Glass
• Wizard Glass Pipe
• American Glass
• Themed Glass