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Zebra Pipe

Chameleon Glass

Get wild with Chameleon Glass! These American glassmasters have an unrivaled ability to bring personality to their craft with a pipe for every personal style. This zebra-striped gem is meticulously made from thick, sturdy glass that is even dishwasher safe. Chameleon Glass hallmarks each of their pieces with a signature logo decal that guarantees authenticity and quality. So whether the zebra is your spirit animal or you’re looking to manifest a safari in your future, this pipe will spark a little life in your collection! At a petite 4-inches, the conversation-starter slides right into pocket or purse to add an air of adventure to every occasion from music fests to an afternoon on your best friend’s porch. Technical features include a deep-set spoon for satisfying loads of ground dry herb and side carb construction in a portable hand pipe size. Check out our accessories collection to maximize your hits with the help of an aluminum herb grinder.

• Chameleon Glass Spoon
• Glass Hand Pipe
• Heavy Glass
• Made in the USA!
• Thick Glass
• White Tubing W/ Black Accents
• Zebra Theme Pipe
• American Glass
• Colored Glass
• Themed Glass

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