Annihilator Dab Rig

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This is a big boy at 18 inches tall. The percolators on this beast are out of control dope! Then the splash guard is really different compared to any other rig we have ever seen. When topped off with some ice, it really makes a smooth cool hit! 24 little tubes for the second perc make the function so neat! Water shoots out of them and when it fills starts to bubble making a really neat sight. This Elev8 Glass piece made by our foreign artisan can be pimped out with some dope American marbles by Elev8 Premier.


  • 18 inches tall
  • Comes in transparent purple, green, and teal
  • 19mm female joint
  • 2 crazy neat percs
  • Showerhead Percolator on Bottom
  • Sprinkler Percolator in the Middle
  • 7 Tree Percolator on Top
  • 19mm Female Joint