Vaporizer Accessories

Vaporizer Accessories

You’ve got your vape, and it's time to accessorize. Customize your entire experience with these vape accessories and vape mods. Different mouthpieces to enhance your intake, caps, magnetic tools, keychain tools and more are available from all of your favorite brands.

The best vape pens are going to be the ones that get used over and over again, during solo vape sessions and when you pass around with your friends. Since you’re going to be using your vape a lot, you want to make sure it’s always running at its best. Rest assured that DopeBoo has a ton of replacement parts - from batteries to atomizers and more, so when you’re piece needs a little TLC, you can find a compatible accessory to keep it running like new.

Portable vapes need to be charged up and ready to go for use while you’re on the move. Look through the different chargers to find one that’s compatible with your vape and convenient for your lifestyle. USB chargers are great since they can be interchanged with outlets and car chargers. There are also dual options available to charge up all of your favorite devices. That way, you’re not juggling a tangle of cords and charger heads.

There are so many different ways to vape, but not all accessories are compatible with one another. That’s when different adapters come into play, allowing you to switch up your experience. Check out all of the adapter kits available in the DopeBoo vape shop to see what works best for you.

Vapes have to be kept clean, so you can enjoy the clean, pure vapor from your herbs without clogging or bad tastes. Cleaning tools are perfect for keeping your vapes in amazing condition, getting in hard-to-reach places and getting off tough-to-remove debris. Sometimes a simple dunk in cleaning solution or a quick wipe isn’t going to do the job, so make sure you have the supplies you need to get everything sparkling clean. TheIQ Accessory Kit is an option you should definitely grab - alcohol wipes and a bristle brush allow you to have all of your bases covered. Screens also get used up really quick. You should stock up with theDopeBoo Inhalater Screen Pack too to keep your experience clean and fresh, every time.

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