Whether you’re looking for the perfect classic pipe or a cutting edge piece, DopeBoo’s pipe shop has you covered. Our handpicked selection has a beginner-to-connoisseur variety of sizes, shapes, and materials designed to elevate your smoking experience to its ultimate potential.

While you shop for pipes, take a moment to consider your needs. Do you prefer easy to clean glass pipes? What size works best for you -- should it fit in one hand for on-the-go or will this be a coffee table accessory? How much herb should it hold? Do you love the soothing effect of water pipes? After you determine your basic needs, you can have fun choosing the aesthetic that catches your eye! You may even find our selection of pipes under $25 so enticing you’ll be able to snag a few pieces to amp up your personal collection.

For those who prefer not to commit to just one pipe experience, we also offer popular pipe kits, including Grav Labs’ impressive Helix Multi Bubbler 3-in-1 Kit! This particular set contains the unique combination of a water-filtering bubbler mouthpiece, a traditional spoon bowl, and a dry rig concentrate attachment -- each American-made piece crafted in Grav Labs signature quality.

Here at DopeBoo we understand that the basic carry-everywhere piece is just as useful as many of our more complex devices. Pipes such as the DankStop Blue Twist Droplet Pipe add a captivating aesthetic to a minimalist design, sized to grab-and-go and sure to invite compliments for its artistry. Smokers on the go can keep it even more discreet with our wide selection of stealth pipes including the palm-sized DankStop Original Monkey Pipe.

If you’re looking for a conversation-starter, on the other hand, our line of Chameleon Glass pipes will have the whole crew oohing-and-aahing over your favorite TV characters in the form of a hard-hitting glass pipe. You can even set the mood for special occasions with pieces ranging from holiday pipes to a Lightsaber Steamroller perfect for your next movie marathon!

While it’s nice to keep it humorous, we also offer pipes with a sleek and modern look for the sophisticated smoker. Grav Labs’ sharp white Glass Sherlock Pipe is one such example of a piece so easy on the eye it could second as home decor! Grav Labs is particularly renowned among glass artists as well as collectors for their irresistible line of Helix glass pipes with its smoke-swirling chamber applied to hand pipes and bubblers alike.

Smoking pipes is a truly personalized experience thanks to the wide variety of styles and features from the industry’s leading engineers and artists. Browse our DopeBoo pipe shop below to find an extensive selection of pipes including one-hitters, sherlock pipes, bubblers, pipe kits, and so much more!

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