Desktop Vaporizers

Desktop Vaporizers

Remember the Volcano? That's when Desktop Vaporizers set the bar for vape technology. These wonderful companions now use a variety of whip, balloon, and other forced air vape tech. Vapor continues to advance with a whole new world of vape pens and ultra-portables, yet true enthusiasts still remain devoted to their desktops (a.k.a. “table vape”, “tabletop vaporizer” or "stationary vaporizer") when at home.

Names such as Storz & Bickel (creators of the classic Volcano table vape) first introduced us to the out-of-this-world experience of vaporizing with its incredible herbal efficiency. The trend stuck as users discovered vaporizers’ clean, green aroma.

Balloon Vaporizers & Whip Vaporizers

The Volcano is a balloon vaporizer, also known as a bag vaporizer. These types of vaporizers have fans which force the vapors into a bag/balloon that is then inhaled from and can also be shared. Alternatively, whip vaporizers like the sleek Da Buddha Vaporizer have a tube connected to the chamber which requires users to directly pull the vapors out. Whip vaporizers are usually less expensive with their fewer moving parts, but also allow for more control over the density of draws. The balloon/bag varieties allow vapors to cool before inhalation-- which gives them an overall smoother draw and makes them less likely to cause coughing fits. Some balloon/bag tabletop vaporizers also come standard with whip attachments as well, giving you the freedom to choose.

Are Desktop Vaporizers Better than Portable Ones?

Though many have transitioned into on-the-go methods, connoisseurs continue to keep desktop vaporizers on hand for a number of reasons. First, there are no battery-life concerns. When your pocket vape gives up on you, your table vaporizer will still be going strong thanks to the everlasting power supply of a wall outlet. Second, this same power supply perk has gained a reputation for delivering unrivaled vapor clouds -- thick, milky, and never-weakening.

One of our more advanced desktop vapes is Storz & Bickel’s acclaimed Plenty Vaporizer. The size of a portable, it packs the punch of a power tool in a quiet and convenient design with an incredible 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. Users worldwide cannot stop raving over the massive vapor clouds this device delivers.

Dual Functionality Tabletop Vaporizers

The reliability of the desktop vape is matched with the versatility of these devices. Since they don’t need to rely on battery supply, the best home vaporizers are powerful enough to expertly function with dry herb OR concentrates (just be sure to choose the desk vape most suited for your favored types of herb!). Even better, they nearly all allow for precision temperature control with digital displays.

The Best Desktop Vaporizers at the Best Prices

Looking for quality yet cheap table top vaporizers? The DopeBoo Desktop Vape Shop boasts a number of the best desktop vapes to suit any budget. One of our highest-rated gadgets is the shockingly affordable Easy Vape Digital Vaporizer boasting a useful LCD digital display to manage the temperature. The Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer-- with its intelligent design and high-grade delivery system-- is considered one of the best Volcano Vaporizer alternatives.

The Best Dry Herb Vaporizers

Desktop vaporizers tend to be the preferred method for vaporizing dry herbs. Nearly every good desktop vape is designed to function with dry herb. These powerful gadgets release potent vapor clouds from even the smallest amount of ground flowers. (As advanced as these devices are, it is still best to grind up your herbs for even heat distribution.) Table-top vaporizers typically function through a combination of conduction and convection heating methods. That is, a combination of both directly heating the herbs and warming the air around your herbs. This makes for the perfect vaping balance between both speed and protecting your flowers from too-high heat that could make your plant material “combust” with the noxious byproducts of smoke.

Browse DopeBoo’s handpicked selection of desktop vaporizers below--each with the added protection of a manufacturer’s warranty!

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