Beaker Bongs

Beaker Bongs

We are bubbling with excitement over the impressive craftsmanship in our selection of beaker base bongs! There are two primary advantages to the beaker bong silhouette. First, the expanded base increases the surface area of the water. This allows for additional smoke filtration -- amping up the feature that makes bongs and water pipes of any shape so great, to begin with!

Along with cleaning out the smoke, the bong filtration process delivers an undeniably smooth and cool inhale that keeps users coming back. Other fun ways to play around with the feel of your draw is to opt for a pipe with an ice-catcher... or even experiment with hot water in the base! Some smokers swear by a couple of squirts of lemon juice to keep your piece smelling fresh and squeaky clean.

The second main advantage that may convince you to shop for a beaker base bong over other silhouettes is the increased stability of the piece as a whole. This wide-bottomed feature is one people with pets or just a particularly clumsy crew can definitely appreciate. As many enthusiasts feel the bigger, the better -- a wide flat base makes it much less likely that your tall pipe topples over from a light tap.

You may be surprised to find that there are actually quite a wide variety of styles within the beaker bong category, many of which are reasonably priced under $100. One of the most striking personalization options is in the shape of the neck. All within the beaker category, you'll find traditional straight-stem necks, bent necks, or curvy, bulbous designs that we think are super cute.

And don't forget about the percolators! Take a look around to find the perfect beaker bong pipe for you.
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