Themed Hand Pipes

Themed Hand Pipes

Specialty pipes are theme based, dry herb hand pipes with exquisite detailing available in a multitude of styles, colors, shapes and materials including metal, wood, silicone, acrylic, and glass. While they sometimes resemble a spoon or chillum, when using a specialty pipe it's as if you are smoking from an avocado, sea turtle, frog or favorite food. Yes, specialty pipes are fun.

Even though specialty pipes contain unique characteristics that the best sherlocks, steamrollers, chillums or spoons do not possess, they are as good or better quality with that extra level of craftsmanship, and that also comes with a higher cost. In other words, specialty pipes provide top-notch tokes as well as fantastic conversation pieces for more money.

Should your style be a clear glass beaker bong or pipe you are in the wrong place. No judgement as each piece has its time and place. Specialty pipes are perhaps best for group sessions to maximize the "fun factor."

Aside from fun, specialty pipes can add an additional level of covert communications with your dry herb smoking partners by inviting friends over for "donuts" or "avocados". Take a gander at DopeBoo's specialty pipes, featuring what can truly be considered art by Empire Glassworks, to enhance your glass pipe collection while elevating your overall sessions.

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