Sherlock Pipes

Sherlock Pipes

Do you prefer the modern or old-school take on Sherlocks? It’s a timeless silhouette straight from cloudy night scenes in Hounds of the Baskervilles. But the Sherlock shape isn’t just for mustachioed men anymore. Though all mustachioed men honestlyshould be rocking one! Today's Sherlocks master incredible artistry and science that send this design throttling into the future.

As you can see - the Sherlock pipe is pretty easy to use! The only accessory it requires is a high-quality grinder to keep clogs at bay.

Miniature & Gandalf Pipes

A 'long' Sherlock adds extra space through the neck that offers added cooling time. The longest Sherlock silhouette is the famous Gandalf Sherlock Pipe often spotted on our favorite fantasy wizards. Gandalf pipes take a tad more lung power than your average handheld Sherlock.

Pro Tip: A lighter stands 3 inches tall. Use yours to gauge the size as you shop online.

Upright Sherlock Pipes

This is an awesome extra feature to have on your pipe. An upright design makes it easy to set your Sherlock down between puffs. The eye-catching shape also puts your piece of pipe on display so you can show off your masterpiece. You can always enjoy the art and science that went into your new sidekick.

Artistic Sherlock Pipes

If you have an artistic style, go for brands like Empire Glassworks. This California American glass brands handcrafts with borosilicate glass. You can spot their expertise in dynamic textures, rich hues, and inspired characters.

Scientific Sherlock Pipes

GRAV Labs is top-ranked. They boast clean-lined designs discretely fitted with advanced engineering. Scientific Sherlock Pipes are made with strong and resilient borosilicate glass.

And now, for the Sherlock pipes you need to know . . .


  • Gandalf Sherlock PipeThis long and lean Sherlock is named after the Lord of the Rings wise one.
  • Empire Glassworks Standing Beehive SherlockRich amber hues glow in honeycomb form on this heirloom-worthy sherlock pipe.
  • Empire Glassworks Piranha Plant SherlockThis glass sherlock pipe is inspired by the Super Mario lover in us all!
  • GRAV Labs Mini 4” SherlockMini Sherlocks are quick and efficient! Grab it to go, or keep in a drawer at your side.
  • UPC Upright Sherlock Bubbler Handmade in Los Angeles, UPC delivers premium sherlock quality with thick borosilicate glass.

Glass Sherlocks are a fun twist on the status quo. A retro vibe meets modern engineering to create a flawless effect. The brave and brilliant can also build their own modular sherlock pipe with the help of a J-Hook, Ash Catcher, and Keck Clip!

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