Proper storage for dry herb and concentrate products is a critical if not mandatory practice toward maintaining both freshness and prolonged potency. Jars, silicone wallets, pouches, storage boxes or a safe is a simple way to keep your valued materials optimized for every use with your favorite bong, vape, rig or pipe; and a complimentary addition to your online headshop order.

Handcrafted wood boxes are gorgeous and practical, while jars are airtight and provide that extra moisture-free protection. Perhaps the most practical storage method, safe cans:

  1. Are highly durable.
  2. Keep your goods delicious, flavorful, and potent.
  3. Ensure you are the only one accessing your stash as they act as a camouflaged, stealthy and undetectable safe.

While shopping DopeBoo's online headshop be sure to browse dry herb and concentrate storage products as a perfect compliment to one of our best selling bongs, dab rigs, pipes, or vaporizers. Similar to a grinder, once you've used a great storage container you won't be able to live without one again!

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