Boo Glass

Banger & Carb Caps Gift Set - Everything You Need & More

Complete Banger Gift Set - Everything You Need and More!

This 4mm thick quartz beveled edge banger is the thickest available on the market. The high quality quartz and thickness ensure amazing heat retention and unbelievable flavor.

Unlike traditional glass nails, this design ensures that your torch does not get close to your rig which can cause damage. This quartz banger is a must have dabbing accessory for anyone that is serious about dabbing. To get the most from your concentrates we recommend pairing this thick quartz banger with a quartz banger carb cap that's included and trying out the other accessories that come with this set!

Banger Set Highlights:

  • Spinning Carb Cap
  • Quartz Banger Nail
  • Clear or sanded Joint 
  • Dabber Tool
  • Two Terp Pearls
  • High Quality Quartz 
  • 4mm Thick
  • Brightly colored wax container
  • Choose Male or Female
  • Helps Extend The Life of Your Rig
  • Stylish silver metal case for storing (with our own Boo showcased on top!)