GRAV 4" Sandblasted Spoon Pipe

Sandblasted style is a gift to GRAV from Stephan Pierce of the renowned SPG glass brand. The popular Austin pipe masters deliver a quality borosilicate glass spoon pipe with a unique artistic finish. It measures 4 inches long and is paired with 25mm tubing. The pocket-ready size makes this a perfect companion for passing around bonfires, taking a trip to the beach, and every herbal adventure in between! Your crew will be impressed to discover a scientific inverted mouthpiece. That means this spoon pipe has a built-in ash catcher! Take your pic between a bold black pipe and charming sage green. Both options pack a powerful rip in a compact, ready-for-anything palm size. The short length is elevated with side carb construction that lets you cool each inhale with a splash of fresh outside air. As you grip the spoon head, the thumb falls naturally over the carb for total airflow control.